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Life Insurance / Accident & Health

Incepted in 2012, the fund has holdings in offshore reinsurance operations with a focus on disability, long term care insurance, and fixed annuity markets. The operations aim to provide offshore reinsurance capacity, focusing on high frequency, low severity classes of business. With superior investment management and a disciplined underwriting process, Beechwood Re has focused on working with the best resources in the industry in building an innovative and distinctive company.

Property & Casualty

One of the original cornerstone investments for the fund is a set of Workers’ Compensation related businesses focusing on the healthcare industry. With a geographic focus on the Eastern United States, an offshore reinsurance vehicle is utilized to share in primary layer risk of Workers’ Compensation policies underwritten by a wholly controlled Managing General Agent and Program Administrator. This business, conducted in partnership with several “A” rated onshore insurers has returned superior loss ratios and underwriting profits for over a decade.

Managed Care

Beechwood Capital is the founding partner in an innovative and industry leading managed care platform, with a focus on the Property and Casualty markets. Recognizing the need for integrated, data enriched managed care offerings, the fund formed SPIN Networks with initial capabilities in Radiology and Neurodiagnostics, Pharmacy Benefit Management, and Anti-Fraud. The platform has dual applications, with the ability to be deployed in the Personal Lines Auto market as well as Workers’ Compensation and Commercial Auto Liability. To date, SPIN has elements of its offerings deployed in a majority of leading national auto insurance carriers, and several Top 10 workers’ compensation carriers.


The fund has holdings in medical pathology laboratories serving the Northeastern United States. The focus of the operations is tissue-based pathology, serving the needs of dermatologists, gastroenterologists, urologists, and podiatrists. The laboratory has the ability to perform Global services for physician partners, or an “unbundled” offering. This would involve performing only the histology component of the process, and partnering with a hand-selected pathologist to perform the professional component. Beechwood’s holdings in this area currently serve some of the largest physician groups in downstate New York.


With many of the investments within the fund focused on the population flows over the coming decades, the long-term care industry has been a fertile ground for fund investments to date. Leveraging some of those intellectual assets, the fund has invested in over a dozen senior care facilities, ranging from skilled nursing and rehabilitation facilities to assisted living residences. The geographic focus of the investments is varied, with the intention to source unique acquisition opportunities that are not subject to intense competitive bidding processes. This has resulted in a concentration of our assets in the mid-west, with several in areas of the Northeast without acute competitive pressures.


The recent reforms in Medicare, and the trends in the senior care industry have created opportunities in assisting medical facilities in achieving higher quality outcomes and driving value for providers. Leveraging relationships, experience, and investments in the diagnostic imaging market, the fund has invested in a venture opportunity providing high quality diagnostic imaging and other medical services on a portable basis for senior care facilities. The ability to deliver these services bedside within long term care facilities drives significant value through lower rates of unnecessary “re-hospitalization” and quicker diagnoses on high priority medical symptoms for senior populations.


The fund acquired a small automotive windshield repair and replacement business in 2008. Since then, the company has grown into one of the largest independent repair companies in the country, with operations in 11 states. With a focus on trained and accredited repair technicians and the use of high quality glass, moldings and accessories from Original Equipment Manufacturers, the fund’s investments in this space provide superior services to the large national chain alternative available to auto owners within our geographic footprint.